• Graphic Design

    The tactile joy of opening a hand-printed invitation. The warm glow of pixels on a new website. The playful bounce of pointed-pen calligraphy.

    We are not sure which we like the most, which is why we have always taken a multidisciplinary approach to our work. It’s why we get up bright-eyed every morning and work into the wee hours at night. It also allows us the flexibility to explore solutions that suit the project rather than viewing each engagement through a lens narrowed by commitment to a rigid set of tools and techniques.

    Clients work with us to conceive, execute, and produce work that reflects their personality and vision. Nothing makes us happier than collaborating with clients who challenge us to find the most creative solutions to their communication and identity needs.

  • Home Decor & Dry Goods

    We make things that we find fun and quirky. We were amazed when other people turned out to have similar tastes.

    Highway to Hill was founded as a creative incubator  an environment to pursue design ideas and techniques and let the business reflect that exploration. Out of this process came our core service offerings of floral and graphic design, but we felt it was important to keep a place in that business where we could play.

    The result is a curiously curated line of wearables, home decor, and other sundries that we retail through our Web store and various pop-up shops and festivals. Our products — like our name — carry strong ties to the neighborhoods that we have lived and worked in and try to capture the quirks and personalities of the people and places we have enjoyed so much. Whenever possible, we look for ways to up-cycle used materials in our work and try to source any raw materials domestically. 

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